Groundwater Guardian

Limestone County Water and Sewer Authority is the Groundwater Guardian for Limestone County.

What is the Groundwater Guardian program?
lcwsa-logo-large-2Groundwater Guardian is a program that supports, recognizes, and connects communities protecting groundwater. It is designed to empower local citizens and communities to take voluntary steps toward protecting their groundwater resources. Groundwater Guardian can be a catalyst for groundwater protection programs such as a local wellhead protection or a source water protection program. Groundwater Guardian is not a regulatory program, rather it relies on voluntary steps developed at the community level.

Why should groundwater be protected?
Clean groundwater is vital resource that is all too often taken for granted. Groundwater nourishes both the environmental and economic health of our communities. Groundwater provides:

  • 50% of America’s drinking water
  • 90% of rural America’s drinking water
  • 25% of industrial and mining water
  • 34% of agricultural water (mostly irrigation)
  • 40% of the average annual streamflow

While many communities are blessed with an abundant supply of high quality groundwater, this vital resource is often threatened by contamination from natural sources found in the environment as well as human sources from residential, industrial, and agricultural areas.

Contamination of groundwater is a severe problem because contaminants in the soil introduced from the surface, such as discarded or spilled motor oil, or from below the surface, such as leaking underground gasoline storage tanks or septic tanks, tend to spread unnoticed until detected in a water supply well. Once contaminated, groundwater is extremely expensive and difficult to clean. Preventing groundwater contamination is simpler and cheaper than trying to clean it up in the future.